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New Beginnings

In his Editor’s Note to the Winter 2009 issue of The Hampden-Sydney Poetry Review, Nathaniel Perry writes of beginnings: “Beginnings always fascinate us: we remember the first lines of novels, the first lines of well-worn poems. We relish memories of childhood. Storms build up over the far ridge and ride into town, and we stand and crane our necks to watch them.” With this issue of, Perry takes over the role of editor from Tom O’Grady, who has stepped down.

As part of his own new beginning the journal itself will take on some newness, including a larger format and full-color cover, a new section of reviews, which Perry considers an “attempt to expand [their] own participation in the larger poetry community,” and, finally, a new feature: 4×4. Each issue will include the same four questions asked of four of that issue’s contributors.

As all good things must come to an end, our farewell to Tom O’Grady, and to Nathaniel Perry: here’s to new beginnings!

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