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NDQ Looks at Hemingway Then & Now

Volume 76, Numbers 1 & 2 of North Dakota Quarterly is devoted to “Hemingway in His and Our Time” and features the following authors and their works:

H. R. Stoneback
For Whom the Flood Rolls: Ernest Hemingway and Robert Penn Warren—Connections and Echoes, Allusion, and Intertextuality

Ben Stoltzfus
Hemingway’s Iceberg: Camus’ L’Etranger and The Sun Also Rises

Jeffrey Herlihy
The Complications of Exile in Ernest Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises

Joseph Holt
The Textual Condition of Hemingway’s African Book

Walter Houk
Hemingway’s Cuban Son Looks Back on Life with Papa

Allen Josephs
Confessions of an Animal Lover: Clearing Up a Few Things about Hemingway, Spain, and the Bulls

Allen Josephs
Picasso, Hemingway, and Lorca: or Toreo As a Modernist Principle

Melanie Conroy-Goldman
10,000 Words (story)

Matthew Nickel
Lighthearted Sinners and Pious Puritans, Followers, and Believers: Hemingway’s “Holy War Meat Eaters and Beer Drinkers Happy Hunting Ground and Mountain Religion” in Under Kilimanjaro

Brad McDuffie
Teaching In Our Time to Freshmen (poem)

Donald Junkins
Martha Gellhorn’s Letters

David Raabe
Dempsey over Hemingway in Three Rounds

Robert E. Fleming
The Deaths of the Children in Islands in the Stream

Robert E. Gajdusek

Ron McFarland
Three Novels on Hemingway in Cuba

Zak Haselmo
Hemingway: Eight Decades of Criticism

Donald A. Daiker
“Don’t Get Drunk, Jake”: Drinking, Drunkenness, and Sobriety in The Sun Also Rises

Marina Gradoli
Hemingway’s Criteria in Ordering the Sequence of the Vignettes of in our time (1924) and In Our Time (1925)

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