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NDQ Examines Higher Education

The newest issue of North Dakota Quarterly (75.2) focuses on “Higher Education,” and is aptly introduced by Editor Robert W. Lewis with consideration for “Lower Education.” Included in this issue, along with poems by Lee Slonimsky and Carolyn Raphael as well as a packed review section, is this incredible line-up of essays:

Thomas Van Nortwick – “Living in the Moment: A Teacher’s Thoughts on Higher Education”
Fred Whitehead – “The Citadel Revisited”
Steiner Opstead – “University of North Dakota Commencement: August 1, 2010”
Paul T. Bryant – “Academic Comparisons”
Sheryl O’Donnell – “University Inc.: Transforming the Groves of Academe”
Dan Rice – “Higher Education: Where We’ve Gone Wrong”
Laurel Reuter – “Wise Counsel, Glorious Company”
Joan Rudel – “On Becoming a Teacher”
Gaynell Gavin – “Leavings”
Michael Graham – “Notes on Teaching in Prison”
Donald Gutierrez – “Three Universities and Three Cities: A Memoir”
Gregory Gagnon – “Survival, Identity, Sovereignty, and Indian Agency: Contributions to Indians Studies Scholarship”
Louise Erdrich – “What’s in Our Name?”

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