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Narrative Winter Contest Winners

White Space by Janet Burroway

“HIS WRIST IS furred in gold and banded with a, Jesus, Rolex. From the sidewalk it was any other clapboard student digs, but now I remember that he comes from bucks, does Goldenhair. Kenilworth Adamson Lowenthal. What kind of parents pick three dactyls for a name?”

New Year’s Weekend on the Hand Surgery Ward, Old Pilgrims’ Hospital, Naples, Italy by Adam Atlas

“WHEN THE AMBULANCE guys finally came, they were put out and winded. They asked me if I had a plastic bag for the piece of thumb and they watched with their arms folded while I stumbled around and found them a plastic bag.”

That Ain’t Jazz by David Bradley

“COUSIN BERNARD AGREES that I’m trouble, with a capital T. The family buzz is, I’m destined for college. If I don’t get with it now, he says, I’ll end up with some intellectual gig and be swallowed by the Negro Bourgeoisie.”


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Entry deadline: July 18.

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Entry deadline: July 31.

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