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MQR Tribute to Charles Baxter

 Fall 2015 Michigan Quarterly Review includes a special Tribute to Charles Baxter with an introduction by Jonathan Freedman and features:

michigan quarterly review“Charles Baxter and MQR” by Laurence Goldstein
“What We Owe Each Other: An Interview with Charles Baxter” by Jeremiah Chamberlin
“A Tribute to Charles Baxter” by Matt Burgess
“Notes Toward a Baxterian Taxonomy” by Michael Byers
“Charles Baxter’s Tuneful Bewilderment” by Matthew Pitt
“Darkness Outside the Door: Charles Baxter and the Meaning of Melodrama” by Joan Silber
“Minnesota Nice: The Depths and Limits of Charles Baxter’s Good Behavior” by Valerie Laken

This issue of Michigan Quarterly Review is available to purchase by subscription as well as single copy print or PDF here.

[Cover art note: “Fog uner the High Bridge; photography by Sue Vruno. Our over, with its bridge over the Mississippi at St. Paul, celebrates the many bridges, both actual and metaphorical, that appear in the novels and short stories of Minnesota native Charles Baxter…” MQR]

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