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Mississippi Review Prizes 2011

The Winter 2011 issue of Mississippi Review is devoted to the winners and finalists of the 2011 Mississippi Review Prize:

Fiction Winner
Rachel Swearingen, “Felina”

Finalists in Fiction
Cheryl Alu, “Generally Recognized as Safe”
Laurie Blauner, “In the Real World”
Elisabeth Cohen, “Irrational Exuberance”
Peter Grimes, “Head Game”
Michael Pearce, “Dragon Arm”
Jamie Poissant, “The Cost of Living”

Poetry Winner
Harry Waitzman, “The Red Dress”

Finalists in Poetry
J.P. Dancing Bear, “Genesis in Retrograde”
Susan Browne, “A Brief History of My Life”
Johanna Dominquez, “When There is Death Everywhere”
Paul Doty, “Box Kite”
Ansel Elkins, “Ghost at My Door”
Bryan Emory-Johnson, “Mose T.”
Julie Hanson, “Grab the Far End”
Elizabeth Harmon, “The Danger of Being a Sister”
Sara Hong, “Porky Pigs”
Rich Ives, “An Extraordinary Display of Restraint Concerning Her Festival of Big Sticks”
Mary Emma Koles, “Parched”
Debra Marquart, “Nil Ductility”
Elisabeth Murawski, “Lost Art”
Patricia Colleen Murphy, “Good Fences”
Frank Ortega, “Laundry”
Nancy K. Pearson, “Margalo”
Laura Read, “After the Hysterectomy”
Jonathan Rice, “In the Old Metropolitan Hospital”
Jesse Schweppe, “July Rain, Amherst”
John Surowiecki, “Janice, Who Was Tall”
Jennie Thompson, “Animals”
Wallis Wilde-Menozzi, “Often, not Always”
Harry Waitzman, “Fish Ball Soup and Flowers”
Maya Jewell Zeller, “My Brother’s Fish”
Kristin Hotelling Zona, “The Gut”

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