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Mississippi Review Contest Winners

The latest Mississippi Review features the winners and finalists of the 2013 Contest:

Fiction Winner
David Armstrong: “Straw Man”

Finalists in Fiction
Emma Duffy-Comparone: “EXUMA”
Tori Malcangio: “Earthlight”

Poetry Winner
Caitlin Cowan: “Half Past”

Finalists in Poetry

Caitlin Cowan: “Cease and Desist”
Lauren Moseley: “A Fine Essence Descending”
Charles Atkinson: “Pleasure, in a Word”
Mike Schneider: “Devil’s Dream”
Audrey Walls: “Unsent Letter to a Young Photographer”
L. S. Klatt: “Amazon”
Chelsea Jennings: “Jennings On the Steps of the Seattle Asian Art Museum”
Elisabeth Murawski: “Light”
Catherine Carter: “Things To Know”
Geffrey Davis: “The Epistemology of Rosemary”
Roger Craik: “Hover Fly”
Charlotte Matthews: “Negative Capability”

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