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Million Poems Show NYC

“The next episode of The Million Poems Show is this Monday, March 26, at 6:30 p.m. at the Bowery Poetry Club (1st & Bowery, NYC). Buck Downs, author of Marijuana Soft Drink, Recreational Vehicle, and many other fundamentally unstoppably brilliant collections of poems, will be taking the stage. As will Nicole Renaud, the singer the New York Times describes as an “ethereal soprano,” and whom the New Yorker says “earns the overused descriptor ethereal.” Franklin Bruno sings the theme song, banters, collaborates, and if you’re good, he takes us out with a song. And as for me [Jordan Davis], I try to make it so you almost forget you’re at a poetry event. The Million Poems Show is free. What’s more, it coincides with happy hour — come by Monday, have a couple drinks. The words will do things you don’t see coming.”

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