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Mid-American Review Contest Winners

The latest double issue of Mid-American Review (v30 – 1&2) celebrates the 30th anniversary of the publication with and Featured Poet Tony Trigilio. Included within the whopping 400+ pages are winners and select finalists of the following contests:

Jill Haberkern, winner of Mid-American Review’s Sherwood Anderson Fiction Award
Editors’ Choice – Nick Kocz and Jeffrey Martin

Kimberly Davis, winner of the James Wright Poetry Award
Editor’s Choice – Casey Thayer and Gretchen Steele Pratt

Alan Michael Parker winner the Fineline Competition for Prose Poems, Short-Shorts, and Anything In-Between
Editors’ Choice – Kelli Boyles, Jaime Brunton, Ashley Davidson, Cherie Hunter Day, Richard Garcia, Ian Golding, Nina Mamikunian, Alan Michael Parker, and Jennie Thompson

Also included in this issue are the 2009 AWP Intro Journals Awards – Kayla Skarbakka and David Lumpkin.

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