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Mid-American Review Award Winners

Mid-American Review‘s most recent issue features the winners of several competitions and awards:

The 2011-12 Sherwood Anderson Fiction Award
Winner: Kyle Mellen – “Lighting in You a Tremendous Fire”
Editors’ Choice: Todd Seabrook – “The Elf”

The 2011-12 James Wright Poetry Award

Winner: Sarah Rose Nordgren – “When You Are Dead”
Editors’ Choice: Jonathan Rice – Two Poems

2012 Fineline Competition

Winner: Diane Seuss – “I emptied my little wishing well of its emptiness”
Editors’ Choice: Heather Cox – Two Selections
Editors’ Choice: Richard Garcia – “The Expert”
Editors’ Choice: Lauren Jensen – “Neighbors”
Editors’ Choice: Alexandra Sadinoff – “Symmetry Majors”

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