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Alimentum: The Literature of Food online journal celebrate National Poetry Month each year with MENUPOEMS. This year they have selected poems related to a favorite restaurant (and have included links to those establishments). In addition to the 17 poets in the MENUPOEM feature, there is an additional sidebar of “Featurettes,” which includes videos, viseopoems, and a page of “secret foods” (what readers eat on the sly…).

A few of my favs include “In the Most Unlikely Places” the first part of a video by Jason Bell (Editor-in-Chief of The Columbia Review) as he explores ‘why he likes southern food,’ a video from a series created by Dutch artists Lernert & Sander of Arno Coenen explaining the “nature of his beer-centric multimedia project to his dad” while the two sit drinking homebrews, and the concrete poem “Bebe Coca-Cola” by Brazilian writer D

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