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Marge Piercy in Anderbo Online


It’s a made-up word, according to Rick Rofihe, Editor-in-Chief. Why? “I didn’t want to ruin an already existing word, so I tried to make up a new one. For example, it used to be that when you said ‘mustang’ people would think ‘horse.’ But now when you say, ‘mustang,’ people think you mean the car built by Ford.”

Far from ruining any word, even a made-up one, Rofihe and his staff (including June Eding, Jennifer Doerr, and Wayne Conti, in addition to over a dozen editors-at-large) have created a respected name in contemporary literature.

The online publication is built on an ongoing cycle of posting and is open for submissions of fiction, “fact”, poetry and photography.

The most recent additions to Anderbo include poetry by Marge Piercy, MRB Chelko, and Susan Peters, stories by Wayne Conti, Tom Cregan, and Cindy Jacobs, and a novel excerpt, “Boco Deli Days,” by Andre Medrano.

If you’re still sittin’ on the fence about online literary magazines, Anderbo would be a great first step. You’ve got nothing to lose, no words in your vocabulary to have tainted, and, if anything, you’ll gain a new word to share with your friends.

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