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Lust, Lies, & Bad Behavior

“Lust, Lies, & Bad Behavior: True stories of Southern Sin” is the title for the current issue of Creative Nonfiction. The issue includes the winner of the Creative Nonfiction “Southern Sin” Essay Prize, sponsored by Neil White and awarded to Harrison Scott Key for “The Wishbone.” Editor Lee Gutkind writes, “I hope that all of the essays in this special issue will intrigue and titillate you—but Key’s is also wickedly funny.”

In the back of the issue is a list of titles from submissions not published but ones that the editors couldn’t help but share. You’ll need to get the issue to delight in all of them, but here are a couple of our favorites:

“Glory, Glory Hole-elujah” (Lust)
“Yankee Hanky-Panky” (Lust)
“Dr. Sin Learns to Bake Biscuits” (Gluttony)
“Baby Jesus and a Waffle House Drunk” (Gluttony)
“All Tomatoes Are Rotten in My Book” (Wrath)
“Squirrels!” (Wrath)
“Long Mustaches and Decorated Horses” (Wrath)
“Granny’s Little Sinner” (Pride)
“Hell Has an Exit” (Pride)

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