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LitRagger: New App for the iPad

A brand new, free app called LitRagger is now available—released on Dec. 2. Exclusively for small press and university publishers, this app sells editions of journals featuring fiction, poetry, and essays. Readers can download the app for free and then purchase either single issues or subscriptions to the magazines.

Current participating magazines include Hobart, Prairie Schooner, Sycamore Review, Willow Springs, Bellevue Literary Review, Gulf Coast, Revolution House, FIELD, and Salamander. “The app features page turn animations, interactive tables of contents, and sharing on multiple devices—as well as regularly updated, free content.”

From the press release: “Developed by Adam Lefton and Landon Sandy, a computer science student at Purdue University, LitRagger simplifies the process of digital publication for journals with small staffs and even smaller budgets. As Managing Editor of Sycamore Review, Adam discovered that the methods currently available for entering the digital marketplace were too costly and inefficient for biannual and quarterly publications. With Landon’s coding expertise, they built LitRagger to make it easy and cost effective for literary journals to offer content on the iPad.”

To get the app on your iPad, you can search “LitRagger” in the app store, or go here for a link to download it.

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