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Literary Postcard Story Contest Winners

Geist announces the winners of their 9th Annual Literal Literary Postcard Story Contest. “For eight years now,” the editors say, “Geist has been asking writers to send in short stories inspired by postcard images. This year Geist shook things up by asking contest entrants to write short stories inspired by postcards they had made themselves, or by images in the public domain.”

1st Prize
“Spooning” by Davey Thompson and Cameron Tully

2nd Prize
“The Paper Dress” by Susan Steudel

3rd Prize
“Layover” by Michelle Elrick

Honorable Mentions:
“Kiwi” by Britta Boudreau
“Spit-Wet Fingers and a Kiss” by Carin Makuz
“Members” by Jannie Edwards
“Schrödinger’s Cat” by Jessica Michalofsky
“Space Aliens” by R. Daniel Lester
“After Lydia” by Raoul Fernandes
“String Theory” by Salvatore Difalco

You can read the winning stories online here. The three prize winners are also in print in Geist 85.

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