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Literary Canada’s Fight for Survival

Canadian lit mags are still putting a call out for support. According to Managing Editor Rosalynn Tyo of The New Quarterly, “the Department of Canadian Heritage plans to eliminate funding for magazines with less than 5000 in annual ciculation as of April 2010…All that would remain on the table, of what’s on my table anyway, is Geist and Canadian Living.”

Like so many other quality, small literary publications, TNQ and other Canadian magazines could probably get by for a short period of time without this support, but more to the point is demanding the arts continue to be recognized for their cultural value and importance and supported as such. Not, as Tyo points out, forcing profitability and commercial viability as the marker of survival. Some things we just know are good for us, even if they don’t make us rich.

Speaking from a state (Michigan) where we’ve seen massive funding cuts for arts and historical organizations, it’s a sad, sad existence. And once it’s taken away, don’t think you’re going to see it back any time soon. Fight while you still can, Canada, and for those of you with any say in this, visit TNQ‘s website for information on how to participate. Of course, purchasing subscriptions always helps.

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