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Lit Mag Covers :: Picks of the Week

This cover of Gulf Coast is part of a collection by Mary Reid Kelley called The Syphilis of Sisyphus. Jenni Sorkin writes in the introduction to the pieces, “Shot by collaborator Patrick Kelley in high-definition video in a stark palette of black and white, there is a mournful quality to the hand-drawn stage sets and highly stylized actors. Reid Kelley herself takes on the role of Sisyphus, yet all the characters are only recognizable as archetypes, hidden by bulging golf balls for eyes.”


A storm-trooper clone doing ballet. I’m sorry, but what is there not to love about this? The cover art for The Literary Review is titled “Corps de Clone” by Rebecca Ashley. “The work in this exhibit brings my worlds of dance, parenting, and photography into one sphere where, like a dancer on stage, belief is often suspended and being in the moment is all,” she writes.


The latest cover of Graze, a literary magazine centered around food,  features different items of food hanging out in a library. An ice cream sandwich lays in the middle of the floor reading a book. And on the back, there is also a melting popsicle, a book-reading piece of pizza, and other assorted foods. The art is by Kyle Fewell.

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