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Last Print Issue of Light

This special issue of Light is dedicated to John Mella (December 12, 1941 – April 16, 2012), the previous editor. With this John Mella Memorial Double Issue comes the end of Light‘s print presence. “The transition has proven harder than any of us had hoped, of course. The loss of John last spring still hurts. Meanwhile, finances make it impossible to sustain the magazine in the form we’re all familiar with,” says Melissa Balmain. “The good news, though, is that along with the rest of Light‘s new, volunteer crew, I’m determined to make sure light verse still has a dedicated home in this country. The best way for that to happen, we’ve realized, is to move the magazine online. We believe this will allow Light to attract more fans than ever before.”

She notes that they hope to make the online version as easy on the eyes as possible and to print an occasional “best of” edition. She said they will still accept submissions the “old-fashioned way” via snail mail, however.

“It’s a real honor to be picking up where John left off. I’m immeasurably grateful to him, Lisa Markwart, Margarita Walters and Thomas Gorman, and to the many donors, directors, advisors and others who have served the magazine so well these past 20 years.”

In addition to work by Mella, there is writing in this issue from Dominic Martia, Charles Ghigna, Max Gutmann, Mary Meriam, Phillip T. Egelston, Henry Harlan, Daniel W. Galef, and Dan Campion.

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