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Knock All-Play Issue

Knock #13 is an All-Play issue – and means literally that play scripts make up this issue. The issue was built on the KNOCK International Play Contest, judged by Dickey Nesenger, Maria Semple, and John Longenbaugh, and includes the winners (1st John Minigan, 2nd J. Stephen Brantley, 3rd Nick Stokes), finalists (Robert White, Patrick Cole, Karen M. Kinch, John Hayes, Barbara Lindsay, Lillian Mooney, and Judith Glass Collins) and semifinalists (Mark LaPierre, Renee Rankin, Deb Margolin, Lynda Crawford, Erica Slutsky, Stanley Toledo, Richard Goodman, Rey Dabalsa, Theodore D. Kemper, Kate McLeod, Brian Walker, and Joel Allegretti).

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