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Keeping Rejection Classy

carveCarve Magazine takes the “Classy” award for their treatment of works their own editors have rejected. REJECT! is a regular feature in the Carve Premium Edition (lots of free content online, but some is only in the paid-for premium edition – a move that seems quite fair, actually, so don’t kvetch). In it, the publication features an author whose work Carve readers had previously rejected but was selected for publication elsewhere.

Their reason for doing this beyond an exercise in pure humility? To show how NORMAL rejection is, how editors preferences can indeed be “subjective and varied,” and to actually encourage writers to keep trying if they want to be successful.

The latest issue features feedback the Carve reading committee had provided to author Lynn Levin, her response to the feedback, and an excerpt of her story, “A Visit to the Old House,” which was subsequently published in Rathalla Review, Spring 2014. The notes include when the story was rejected and whether or not the author had revised the piece.

I applaud Carve for providing such a constructively cool feature in their publication. So often, rejections leave writers disheartened and bitter toward the very community in which they wish to participate. This approach provides a unique perspective from the editors and publishers that is both humbling as well as encouraging, upping the conversation from ranting to professional.

Thanks, Carve, for keeping it classy!

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