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Kalos Foundation Visual Art Prize

Ruminate Magazine‘s winter issue features the winners of the Kalos Foundation Visual Art Prize. The juror, Bruce Herman, said he was “impressed by the consistently high quality” of all the entries. “In the end,” he says, “I had to go with a gut-level set of choices—a visceral response based upon forty years as a practitioner and professor of art. I attempted to choose the three winning artists from the different stylistic and theoretical contexts represented in the fifteen finalists.”

First Place
Laura Hennessy
(one piece from her collection is featured to the right, courtesy of laura-hennessy.squarespace.com)

Second Place

Zacheriah Kramer

Honorable Mention

James Hapke

Jason Ackman
Stephen Mead
Susan Hart
Austin Parkhill
Sueme Jeon
Julie Quinn
Frank Krifka
Sue Gyeong Syn
Olga Lah
Crystal Wagner
Evan Mann
Derek Wagner

Writing in the issue comes from Richard Cole, Michelle Regaldo Deatrick, Joshua Robbins, Kathleen Henderson Staudt, Kait Burrier, Mary Jo Balistreri, Julie Hensley, David Oestreich, Renee Emerson, Don Thompson, Scott Cameron, Luci Shaw, Diane Scholl, Joey Locicero, Jean Tucker, Heather M. Surls, Shannon Skelton, Paul Stapleton, and Linda McCullough Moore.

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