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I Was a Teenage Girl, Apparently

The cover of the current issue of Dogwood is a still frame from a work-in-progress short, animated film by Nina Frenkel and Lyn Elliot: I Was a Teenage Girl, Apparently, the story of a woman who goes back in time to visit her teenage-self. In the back of the issue of Dogwood is a small interview with each of these featured artists:

Elliot, the writer, said that the collaboration is really helpful for her because she can still direct an animated film despite her “complete lack of drawing ability.” She writes, “I like making very short films; many of my films are five minutes or shorter. SO it seemed to me that my writing and directing impulses could be well0suited to short animation, where virtually anything you can imagine can be made to happen onscreen.”

Frenkel, the animator, says that they are using the “tradigital” style of animation; “it’s a combination of traditional frame-by-frame animation drawing using a digital tool.” This allows it to have “the looseness of the drawn style with the efficiency of the computer.”

The project was funded by Kickstarter and should be completed by late summer. For more information about the project, visit their Kickstarter page.

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