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Hunger Mountain Bradbury Lists

For Hunger Mountain #15, Editor Michiah Bay Gault offered a challenge to several writers as well as contributors included in the issue. Write a “Bradbury List” – writing practice of word association which Bradbury shares in his Zen and the Art of Writing. Contributors include Bruce Smith, Michael Martone, Angie Estes, Paul Lisicky, Ted Sanders, Jededian Berry, Weston Cutter, Richard Adams Carey, Casey Thayer, David Yost, Deborah Vlock, Gladys Haunton, Stacy Heiney, Jaydn DeWald, J.D. Lewis, Josie Sigler, Lee Wind, Mark Halliday, Melissa Febos, Michael Burkard, and Mojie Crigler. None of these list contributions were “edited or polished,” and so represent a wide variety of free association samples by writers. Fun stuff!

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