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Hello Modernists! Today is Your Lucky Day!

The Modernist Journals Project, a joint project of Brown University and The University of Tulsa, focuses on the years 1890 to 1922 and features:

  • journals that have been digitized by the JP
  • a searchable databse, teaching and research guides to using the MJP
  • the “MJP Lab” – a site for experimenting with MJP data
  • biographies of authors and artists whose work appears in the MJP journals
  • books and essays about MJP journals and topics
  • a directory of periodicals published within the years 1890-1922
  • the “Cover-to-Cover Initiative” for locating full runs of magazines with their advertising intact

The year ends at 1922 “for both intellectual and practical reasons. The practical reason is that copyright becomes an issue with publications from 1923 onward. The intellectual reason is that most scholars consider modernism to be fully fledged in 1922, a date marked by the publication of James Joyce’s Ulysses, Virginia Woolf’s Jacob’s Room, and T. S. Eliot’s The Waste Land.”

The materials on the MJP website, its curators note, “will show how essential magazines were to modernism’s rise.”

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