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Harrington’s Six Questions Blog for Writers

In response to a post on my personal blog, a reader suggested Jim Harrington publishes a series of interviews in which editors “list, in excruciating details, all that each editor desires in his/her stories.” Thus was born the blog Six Questions For…

Harrington asks six questions of magazine editors, some are the same, but he also mixes it up. Some general focus questions are: What do you look for? What do you reject? What are common mistakes writers make? Do you provide feedback? Do you accept blog-published work? Why did you start this publication? What have you learned about writing from your work publishing/editing? Etc.

Harrington believes this six-question approach provides authors with “specific information about what editors are looking for in the submissions they receive” as well as giving participants a supportive avenue for PR.

He welcomes visitors to contact him with questions/comments, to suggest a publication/editor/agent, or to participate if you yourself are an editor/publisher/agent.

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