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Happy 5th Anniversary Gold Man

gold man“We can’t believe it has already been five years since Gold Man Review was born,” writes founding editor Heather Cuthbertson and her colleagues, Managing Editor Darren Howard, Project Editor Nicklas Roetto, Executive Editor Marilyn Ebbs, and Associate Editor Michelle Modesto. “When we started Issue 1, we weren’t thinking about where we’d be in the future – only that we wanted to be an outlet for work that hadn’t an outlet and put authors and poets into print who hadn’t had the chance before. Since then, we’ve had the opportunity to publish award-winning authors, seasoned writers, and even the poet laureate of Oregon, but we’ve also had the pleasure to publish brand new voices and then watch those authors grow and develop their writing careers.”

NewPages can certainly believe you have done all that in five years. Like your readers, we appreciate every page, and we look forward to seeing many more years and pages! Happy Anniversary Gold Man Review!

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