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Happy 50th Another Chicago Magazine

ACM – Another Chicago Magazine celebrates its 50 issue with this year’s first volume.

“To be perfectly honest,” the Statement of Purpose in 50.1 reads, “we never thought we’d make it to a 50th issue. ACM has never been known for fundraising skills, financial acumen, or an airtight organizational structure. Mostly we’ve just been known for being independent since 1977 and for publishing young and exciting writers as frequently as we can manage it on a shoestring budget.”

And to celebrate these roots and publishing, this issue is indeed “Another Chicago Issue” (split into two issues this year) featuring Chicago writers from “wildly different backgrounds and styles: novelists, experimental poets, writers with agents and book deals, writers who’ve only just begun to place work, editors, publishers, and general roustabouts and hermits alike.”

How can we resist?

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