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Happy 10th Anniversary Ruminate

AWBAruminate 38The Spring 2016 issue of Rumninate Magazine celebrates ten years of publication! The volume features comments from readers, staff, and contributors who share their experience with “ruminating and contemplation – being still and attentive, pausing and listening.” The cover art, “Rhino” by Nicholas Price, actually appeared on the very first cover of Ruminate. Editor Brianna VanDyke says it is featured again as “a playful nod to our roots and the beautiful and gusty perserverances of a little arts magazine celebrating ten years.” And, in gratitude to their readership, tucked into each anniversary issue of Rhino is a gorgeous letterpress broadside which reads, “Always We Begin Again” – After St. Benedict. What a treat Ruminate has been for the past decade, and we all hope for many more to come!

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