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Haiku Wanted

Broadsided Third Annual Haiku Year in Review Contest is on!

“Four artists are creating work in response to an event that, for them, dominated a season of 2012. We now ask for submissions of haiku that address the same topics. The art and the poems selected as finalists will be posted online, and YOU will vote on the winning combinations. The whole shebang will be published as January’s Broadsided collaboration.”

See full guidelines here.

About Broadsided:

Edited by Elizabeth Bradfield, Gabrielle Calvocoressi, Sean Hill, Alexandra Teague, and Mark Temelko, Broadsided has been putting literature in the streets since 2005. Each month, a new broadside is posted both on the website and around the nation.

Writing is chosen through submissions sent to Broadsided. Artists allied with Broadsided are emailed the selected writing. They then “dibs” on what resonates for them and respond visually – sometimes more than one artist will respond offering a selection of broadsides.

The resulting letter-sized pdf is designed to be downloaded and printed by anyone with a computer and printer. The goal is to create something both gorgeous and cheap, to put words and art on the streets.

The site contains a gallery of past broadsides, a map of cities/state/countries that have been broadsided (and where you can add yours), and links to other broadside sites.

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