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Gulf Coast Prize Winners :: 2012

Gulf Coast magazine announces and publishes the winners of the 2012 Gulf Coast Prizes with the newest issue of the magazine. The fiction was judged by Victor LaValle, the nonfiction was judged by Jenny Boully, and the poetry was judged by Joyelle McSweeney. The winners and honorable mentions are as follows:

Winner: “Pinnochia on Fire” by Lo Kwa Mei-en
Honorable Mention: “Autobiography with God Complex and Epidemic” by Jennifer Militello
Honorable Mention: “The Great Die-Up” by Melissa Barrett

Winner: “Sweetie, Sweetie” by Emily Watson
Honorable Mention: “Foiled” by Christiana Louisa Langenberg
Honorable Mention: “Wrapped Up in Skin, Hidden Behind Eyes” by Gina Troisi

Winner: “The Glass-World Builder” by Geetha Iyer
Honorable Mention: “You Will Make Several Relaxing Cuts” by Ashley Chambers
Honorable Mention: “We Shall Fill Our House With Spoil” by Delaney Nolan

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