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Fugue Explores New Forms

Fugue‘s newest issue (#40) has been dubbed the “Play” issue. The introductory note introduces that “Issue #40 of Fugue has been designed to show how writers are beautifully and smartly playing with genre, form, content and idea. Lyric essay, collage, prose poem, micro fiction, the panharmonicon and the experiment are not new terms, but the evolution of these terms, relevant to the evolution of our culture, has caused writers to create new forms of writing that are as inventive as they are accessible.”

Authors include (* authors works available on Fugue’s website): Rebecca McClanahan & Dinty W. Moore, Michael Martone, Anne Panning, Alexandra Ghaly*, Kim Dana Kupperman, Kyle Dargan, Guy Jean, translated by Ilya Kaminsky and Kathryn Farris, Ander Monson, Marvin Bell, Valerie Miner, Brenda Miller, Jennifer Kanke, S.L. Wisenberg, Ely Shipley, Jennifer Campbell, Laurel Bastian, Rachel Yoder, Derek Juntunen*, Joe Wenderoth, E. Shaskan Bumas*, Rebecca McClanahan, Iris Moulton, and Lia Purpura.

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