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Flying House Writer-Artist Collaboration

Flying House is an annual collaboration project that kicks off in May with the announcement of five artist-writer pairs. Once the pairs are picked, they have a good month to swap ideas back and forth. After six months, with deadlines and check-ins along the way, Flying House culminates in a visual and written representation of the collaborations in a gallery space with a reading and celebration.

On Saturday, December 11, five writers met their five artist partners at the Maes Studio in downtown Chicago, IL, for a night of artistic revelry. The participants were:

Megan Fink and Chris Annen
AB Gorham and Michael Maes/Jillian McDaniel
BJ Hollars and Jenae Neeson
Daniel Letz and J Paonessa
Danilo Thomas and Jason Watts

Applications for the 2011 Flying House are open until April 25. Artists and writers need not apply together, in fact, Flying House discourages that.

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