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Five Chapters is Just That

FiveChapters is a online venture edited by Davide Daley, curator 20-Minute Fiction in issue 12 of McSweeney’s, creator of the Tag-team Fiction series for The Journal News, and former features editor of Details magazine.

FiveChapters publishes a five-part story every week, serial-style, beginning on Monday and followed by a new installment each weekday.

Recent works and authors include “The Disappearance of Miranda Željko” by Rebecca Makkai and “Sleeping With John Updike” by Julian Barnes. The archives are packed with works (which can be read in a single click) by authors Lauren Grodstein, Lori Ostlund, Adam Davies, Jennine Capó Crucet, Samantha Peale, Victor Lodato, Tania James, Joe Pernice, Dwight Allen, Susannah Felts, Peyton Marshall, Nick Ekkizogloy, Nancy Mauro, Ashley Warlick, Tod Goldberg, David Gordon, Dawn Ryan, Jami Attenberg, Marisa Matarazzo, Paul Yoon, Brent Krammes, Priscilla Becker, John Jodzio, Angi Becker Stevens, Gina Frangello, Dallas Hudgens, Kevin Grauke, Robin Antalek, Edan Lepucki, Katharine Weber, and Eric Puchner.

FiveChapters accepts story submissions online through Submishmash. FiveChapters stories work best between 5000 and 10,000 words.

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