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EdgePiece Promises to Work With You

Just when I thought I’d heard it all (sometimes over and over), along comes a whole new and ambitiously innovative new publication. Still in the submission stage for its inaugural issue, EdgePiece is a collective of “emerging editors launching emerging writers.”

The editors include Head Editor Sarah Lindsay, Readers and Developmental Editors Sarah Lucas, Dakota Morgan, Pamela S. Wall, Katie Damphousse, Max Pickering, and Copy Editor Pamela S. Wall.

The editorial process, and the use of “developmental editors” means the editors will work with authors to help them polish their work to prepare them for publication: “We edit for spelling, grammar and in some cases, clarity/strength of arguments/purpose. We do NOT touch the author/artist’s voice, vision, or personal style, and we never fully reject a piece. We suggest improvements and encourage the author/artist to resubmit, for we are capable of seeing the potential in all submissions we receive.”

EdgePiece is currently “hungry” for fiction, non-fiction, poetry, with consideration for book/essay/poetry/film reviews, photography and other graphic/visual art for their first tri-annual issue.

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