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Check out some of the content in this latest issue (Summer 2007) of Dissent. Some of it is available full-text online:

Genocide Without End? The Destruction of Darfur

Multiculturalism and Democracy
by Shalom Lappin

Justice Denied in Bosnia
by Courtney Angela Brkic

Why Aren’t U.S. Cities Burning?
by Michael B. Katz

Against Academic Boycotts
by Martha Nussbaum

Designer Babies and the Pro-Choice Movement
by Rebecca Tuhus-Dubrow

Squeezing Public Education: History and Ideology Gang Up in New Orleans
by Ralph Adamo

Universal Health Insurance 2007: Can We Learn From the Past?
by Theodore Marmor

No Refuge Here: Iraqis Flee, but Where?
by Joseph Huff-Hannon

How to Tax the Rich—And Live Happily Ever After
by Robin Blackburn

Notebook A Non-Zionist Reflects on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
by Eugene Goodheart

Who Named the Neocons?
by Benjamin Ross

Plus numerous, in-depth book discussions around relevant, current topics.

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