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dislocate Contamination Issue & Contest Winners

dislocate #6 (Spring 2010) is themed “The Contaminated Issue.” Editors Colleen Coyne and J. Lee Morsell explain the Latin root of “contaminate” as tangere “to touch” – and the negative connotations and associations with the word. “But contamination has long held a secondary meaning: it is a blending that produces something new. In this increasingly interconnected, and increasingly mediated, world, that second definition becomes as important and the first.” Though I’m not so sure it will catch on in this more positive connotation, it certainly did attract a fair amount of subissions and contest entries for their Contaminated Essay Contest. The works of the winner, Lehua M. Taitano, and honorable mentions, Lehua M. Josh Garrett-Dvais, Katie Jean Shinkle, Nick Neely, and Brian Oliu, appear in this issue.

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