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Dis- Phoebe’s Poetry Special Feature

lakesIssue 44.1 of George Mason University’s MFA-student-run Phoebe includes a special feature Poetry Editor Elizabeth Deanna Morris Lakes first starting mulling over as “disparity.”

She writes, “So many of the struggles in my life and the lives of people I see in the world seem to revolve around some sort of disparity: of place, of mind, of circumstance. After speaking with Qinglan Wang, my assistant editor, I realized I was less interested in the ‘parity’ and more interested in the ‘dis-‘ – in poems that explored disability, in poems that confronted things that dissatisfied or disappointed, and in poems that grappled with disaster.”

Authors contributing to this special dis- poetry feature include Catherine Pierce, Stacey Kidd, Richard Greenfield, Dorothea Lasky, Matt Bell, Martha Collins, and Adam Clay.

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