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Creative Nonfiction Revamp

Creative Nonfiction magazine announced major changes to its website, subscription options, and submission process. The magazine debuted a new website design improving navigation through new web-exclusive content and digitized content from past issues.

Some of this material dates back nearly twenty years, including founder and editor (and “Godfather behind creative nonfiction”) Lee Gutkind’s intros to all 46 issues, which serve as a veritable time capsule of the genre.

“With our 20th anniversary coming up in 2013, we’ve been thinking a lot about the history and development of the genre, but we also have our eye towards the future,” says Gutkind. “We’re proud to debut this new digital content, which we think will make the site a necessary destination both for readers who already have an artistic stake in creative nonfiction, and for anyone looking for an introduction to the genre. In the past twenty years, we’ve seen creative nonfiction become the fastest-growing genre in the publishing industry and within creative writing programs, and we know the audience for news, resources, and great writing within the genre is only going to grow.”

In addition, Creative Nonfiction has unveiled a digital subscription option, which will be powered through Zinio. The new digital subscription option lets readers download the magazine to a computer, iPad, Android device or KindleFire. A four-issue (full-year) digital subscription is $25. Single issues are also available.

The magazine will also begin accepting general submissions online, providing a more green and convenient method for writers to submit their work.

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