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Creative Nonfiction Launches Book Imprint

From CNF: Creative Nonfiction has announced the launch of Creative Nonfiction Books. The magazine, nearing its 20th anniversary, has long been considered “the voice of the genre” and has an impressive and highly acclaimed history of creating an understanding of our world through thoughtful, engaging narratives on a wide variety of topics and real-life experiences. The debut list, consisting of two titles, will be launched this spring and distributed by Publishers Group West.

Most of the Creative Nonfiction Books titles, at least initially, will be anthologies with contributions from many authors, offering multiple perspectives and appealing to a diverse readership. Forthcoming titles include Becoming a Nurse, insightful essays about what drives those in this demanding and difficult profession; Surviving Crisis, essays exploring intense, pivotal moments in life that trigger personal growth; and Southern Sin, essays on the sultry South and its sins, which range from skipping church to coveting your neighbor’s wife.

Creative Nonfiction has worked with exceptional book publishers in the past — W.W. Norton, Tarcher-Penguin, Other Press and many university presses — in order to distribute and sell titles associated with the magazine. Lee Gutkind states, “Now, with the traditional publishing industry in turmoil, we see opportunities for a small publisher with a well-established base. Creative Nonfiction has a long history of spotting talent and of introducing new writers who have important stories to tell. The book imprint offers the opportunity to expand our reach—and to help those writers, and their stories, find a wider audience.”

Creative Nonfiction Books, debut list:

April 2012
At the End of Life: True Stories About How We Die
Edited by Lee Gutkind; Introduction by Francine Prose

An anthology of 22 personal narratives that explore death, dying and palliative care, revealing the inner workings of a system in which doctors, patients and their loved ones battle to hang on—and to let go.

ISBN: 978-1-937163-04-4, Trade Paper, $15.95, 288 pages

May 2012An Immense New Power to Heal: The Promise of Personalized Medicine
By Lee Gutkind and Pagan Kennedy

Through intimate patient stories as well as profiles of leading-edge doctors and scientists, this clear-eyed, lively and highly engaging book explores one of the most significant scientific breakthroughs of our time: the sequencing of the human genome and the subsequent development of personalized medicine.

ISBN: 978-1-937163-06-8, Trade Paper, $15.95, 320 pages

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