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Cream City Review 2014 Contest Winners

Cream City Review‘s Poetry Prize was judged by Rebecca Hazelton and was awarded to Lisa Gluskin Stonestreet, and the Fiction Prize was judged by Tom Williams and awarded to Lenore Myka. You can read them in Issue 37.1.

Hazelton writes, “In Lisa Gluskin Stonestreet’s poems, motherhood is a transformative and even at times frightening event, one that redefines the self and one that threatens to subsume it. Her lines, ranging from long and loping to brief, almost frantic reports, mimetically capture the infatuation and the exhaustion the mother in these poems feels for her child, and most poignantly, the difficulties of remaining a writer in those circumstances.”

Wiliams writes, “[Myka] seemed to never under write or over write or play coy. It maintains a magical combination of plot moves that unsettle and affirm. It answers questions just before the reader is prepared to ask them. And, to me, most importantly, its elements accrete in a way that establish this unassailable reality: the story is presented in the only way it could be told.

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