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Craft Essays :: GT Feb Bulletin

Glimmer Train Bulletins are a free monthly resource with “essays by creative-writing teachers and other accomplished authors on craft, perspective, and the particulars of writing and getting published.” I enjoy reading these brief but poignant commentaries on the writing life. Here’s the lead lines for February’s Bulletin #109 – see for yourself if you aren’t intrigued to read at least one of these:

stephanie soileauGabe Herron: You have to forget time because it’s going to take how long it takes, not one minute longer, not one minute less.
Carrie Brown: I’m interested in how shockingly difficult it is to be good. And I’m interested in our failures in that regard—exactly how we fail and why, how we console ourselves and others, how we forgive ourselves and others, how we fail to forgive.
Stephanie Soileau [pictured]: I believe in storytelling as a way to map and explore the ambiguities of human experience, and it is this belief that motivates me as a fiction writer. Stories have given me a language to express the contradictions in my own experience, and because…
George Rabasa: The fragrant mess is being constantly stirred, the recipe changing, if not hour by hour, certainly from one week to the next: memory agitates, imagination warps, new stuff is learned and enters the mixture.

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