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Craft Essays :: Tishman Review

tishman-reviewIn addition to publishing short fiction, poetry, creative non-fiction and book reviews year-round, The Tishman Review keeps a regularly updated Craft Talk Blog that features interviews, commentary, reviews, and craft essays. These essays come in many styles: analyzing other’s work, “On Writing Towards Both the In-group and the Outliers” by Linda Michel-Cassidy; soul-bearing commiseration, “The Rejection Blues” by Jennifer Porter; confessional, “On Writer’s Block” by Maura Snell; writing practice, “Breaking Lines” by Barrett Warner; an editor’s perspective, “An Authentic Voice” by Jennifer Porter; writer-to-writer extensive focused discussion, “Objects in First-Person Fiction, or The Unreliable Narrator’s Stuff” by Linda Michel-Cassidy; and a thumping substantial analysis turned conversation between works by Calvino, Woolf, and Agee, “Lightness in Childhood” by Jennifer Porter.

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