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Contest Winners: Mudfish

The newest issue of Mudfish features the writing and winners of the 10th Annual Mudfish Poetry Prize. The winners were selected by Mark Doty.

First Place
Alison Jarvis: “Elegy for a Drummer”

Second Place
Angelo Nikolopoulos: “Take the Body Out”

Third Place
Nancy Hechinger: “Fireworks on the Fourth in the Town of Margaretville”

Other writers that appear in this issue include Cherri Randall, Jan Ball, Stephen Sandy, Gertrude Morris, Peter Layton, Deborah H. Doolittle, Lyn Lifshin, Kevin King, Dwayne Thorpe, Simon Perchik, Sarah Wyman, Jeff Crandall, Greg Brownderville, Terry Phelan, Tess Carroll, Tim Erickson, Marina Rubin, Sara Sousa, Linda Larson, Henrietta Goodman, Angela Kelly, Brad Buchanan, Carol Matos, Madeline Tiger, Robert Steward, and many more.

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