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Contest Winners: In the Grove

In the Grove,the California Poets & Writers Annual, announces that with its summer issue, the publication will now be available online. Editor Lee Herrick explains: “A number of factors have made it appealing—the lower cost, the wider distribution, and the increased legitimacy of online magazines.”

This issue includes the 2008 William Saroyan Centennial Prize:

Creative Nonfiction Winners
First Prize: “Learning the Alphabet,” by Bethany E. Chaney
Second Prize: “Heat, Pain and Life in the Valley,” by Hope Nisly
Third Prize: “On Waiting,” by Kathleen Kondilas-Franks

Other Finalists:
“Reading to Unit H,” by Hope Nisly
“Tracks,” by Shahe Mankerian
“The Dreamer’s Invention,” by Jack Chavoor
“Mourning After,” by Armen D. Bacon
“Dust to Dust,” by Janice Stevens
“Catching Up,” by Jack Chavoor
“Raising the Dead,” by Eric Parker
“Where North Meets South,” by Jack Chavoor

Short Fiction Winners:
First Prize: “Floating Away,” Elizabeth Edelglass
First Runner-Up: “Rebuilt,” Alissa Grosso
Second Runner-Up: “Parable,” Shahé Mankerian

Other Finalists:
“Poker Night,” Jane Stubbs
“Absence,” by Evan Guilford-Blake

One Act Drama
First Prize: “Testosterone,” by Hal Ackerman
First Runner-Up: “Nighthawks,” Evan Guilford-Blake
Second Runner-Up: “The Sword Dance,” Bethany Stillion

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