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CNF Tiny Tweets

creative nonfictionIf you like six-word memoirs, you’re going enjoy Creative Nonfiction’s Tiny Truths – tweets on a given topic, which until November 15 is Weather. CNF is looking for “True stories—personal, historical, reported—about fog, drought, flooding, tornado-chasing, blizzards, hurricanes, hail the size of golfballs, or whatever’s happening where you are… told within a single tweet. We’re looking for tiny truths that will change the way we see the world around us. Or, you know, simply blow our hair back a bit or make us sweat.” And because the tweet must include the tag #cnftweet, stories are actually limited to 130 characters.

For more on the craft of micro-essays, read The Square Root of Truth a virtual roundtable Q&A by “Fred,” a collective of regular #cnftweet contributors (and named after one of the group’s members), discussing “what a successful cnftweet looks like, how seriously to take this form, and whether it can survive transplantation out of the ephemeral medium in which it germinated.”

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