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Carpe Verbum Fiction Contest Winners

The newest edition of Carpe Articulum features winners of the Carpe Verbum Novella/Long Short Fiction Contest:

First – Carol Howell
Second – Aashish Kaul
Third – Eric Wasserman
In Curso Honorum – Lisa Ni Bhraonain
Honorable Mentions: Paul Fahey, Brian Duggan, Chellis Glendinning, and Loree Westron

The editors write of the contest: “The Novella Award was a new addition to Carpe Articulum this year. Many nay-sayers thought that it wouldn’t garner the attention it needed to sustain itself since the Carpe Verbum Short Fiction Award was already offered here. We are proud to announce that it has been the most cussedly attended award series in Carpe Articulum‘s seven-year history. We were heart-broken to leave out many of the incredible pieces that had so much to offer Carpe‘s reader…but then, this quarterly collector’s volume would have been 700 pages long! We hope to encourage other Literary Reviews to likewise offer this particular genre as an award series. So many fascinating stories are ineligible for print in journals simple due to their length. Such a sad reason for them to never see the light of day…”

Deadlines for upcoming Carpe Articulum contests are outlined in this issue as well as on the publication’s website.

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