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Broadsided “2011 Haiku Year-in-Review”

Poems by Peter Kline, Steve Brightman and Jennifer Jabaily-Blackburn were selected via reader vote for the 2011 Haiku Year-in-Review Broadside, combined with art by Kara Searcy, Caleb Brown, Jennifer Moses and Kevin Morrow. The Broadsided website features writers’ and artists’ responses to this collaborative, innovative project in which four artists were asked to choose a subject that rang out from a season of 2011 as significant. Then, writers were invited to submit haiku on the same subject. Haiku finalists were chosen by the Broadsided editors, then posted online for readers to view alongside the art and vote for which poem/art combinations should represent each season. The full-color broadside includes all four haiku with art and is available for free download and distribution.

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