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BPJ Seeks Two Editorial Board Members

From Editor Lee Sharkey:

The Beloit Poetry Journal is looking to bring two new people onto its editorial board. The ideal person for the positions will be deeply grounded in poetry, particularly poetry whose quickened language and formal inventiveness expand our sense of poetic possibilities and our vision of the world. He or she will be eager to devote time over the long term to the work of editing.

That work will consist of online screening of manuscripts that have already passed through primary and secondary screenings—about 80 per quarter—and participating in weekend-long quarterly editorial board sessions in Farmington, Maine, where poems are read aloud, thoroughly discussed, and an issue chosen. The rewards? As a small, independent journal, we have always run entirely on volunteer labor, but we offer good talk, good food, a poetry family, and the opportunity to contribute to a publication that has had a hand in defining contemporary literature for six decades and counting.

If you are interested, send a letter describing your background and what attracts you to the position to bpj-at-bpj.org by October 15. Please note that you must be able to commit yourself to attending editorial board sessions. And do spread the word to your friends in the poetry community.

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