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Stephanie Dickinson

bitter-oleanderStephanie Dickison is featured in the Autumn 2015 issue of The Bitter Oleander, including an interview and twenty pages of her poetry and prose. From the interview:

I am inspired by lists of flora and fauna, by descriptions of antique furniture, by art techniques such as ironing in centuries past, or by the evocative power of faces to speak through the sepia of 19th century photography. I’m not a writer of compression or irony or overarching structures of thought and don’t consider myself a writer of the first water or second etc. but I love words and sentences. I love reading and my world has been made glad by the wonderful books I’ve read. I do not know what happens when the writing connection starts, when the interweaving and tightening begin, when I slip into the other and am no longer wholly my more limited self. I travel on my ear as well, but that is more on a subconscious level.

TBO’s website includes an excerpt from the interview as well as one of the pieces from the publication, “Emily and the Black Dog.”
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