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BookCrossing: The Catch and Release of Books

This is a blast. You register your book on the site (for free) and get a printout to post in the book. Then you “release” the book into the human wilds with a note on it that indicates it’s a free book for the finder to read, log onto the web site and write about (track), and re-release it for another reader to find. Finders/Readers can make their own comments on the book – where they found it, what they thought of it, where they’ve left it, etc. It’s a great community recycling project that has to make somebody’s dream come true: “If I ruled the world, books would be free and would just appear on park benches or on subways at random…” Go now, register one of your (many, many – I know you have TOO many) books, and set it free. It’s time. BookCrossing.

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